Istanbul Medikal Ltd. Company was established back in 2004 after the success of its’ sister company Istanbul Electronics which has been in operation since 1996. Istanbul Medikal Ltd. Şti has been in among the companies known in the medical device market by developing its service and product variety over time. Our company has made it a principle to keep patient safety in front by improving every technology and providing the continuity of its name that has become the symbol of trust by 22 years of experience. As a result of this success, our company has been awarded many awards.
Our company aims for constant progress and development at national and international levels through its’ perfectionist approach with the help of systems such as  ISO 13485 quality management and professional  CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system while fulfilling our business and legal obligations.
Istanbul Medikal MEDWARM patient warming systems are CE certified and currently distributed and sold in domestic and international market. Our sales are continuing with an increasing success performance every year. We have exports to approximately 40 countries, especially countries like France, Poland, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Indonesia
We are deeply delighted to hear and see about the serious contributions of our products to preventing "hypothermia" especially for adults, children and newborn patients. Our new products have been developed in line with the recommendations and needs of our esteemed clinical staff, distributors and dealers. Our ongoing research and development activities are continuing at full speed.


General Manager